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4Pcs GCSULIT TPMS 315MHz + 433MHz TS01 Universal Programmable Sensor

4Pcs GCSULIT TPMS TS01 Universal Programmable Sensor Ireland

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4Pcs GCSULIT TPMS 315MHz + 433MHz  TS01 Universal Programmable Sensor
4pieces / pack
In stock in Ireland / Free Delivery in Ireland
315MHz + 433MHz Programmable with AUTEL TPMS TOOL

Programmable TPMS Sensor

TS01 is a programmable universal TPMS sensor, it combines both 315MHz + 433MHz frequencies into one TPMS sensor with the highest industry vehicle coverage. It is built to perform like OE sensors in terms of signal, durability and functionality. TS01 is 100% clone-able with CGSULIT latest wireless TPMS programming tool TPMS80 / or Other Brand TMPS tool will be able to program these sensors and no relearn is required.

Features and Benefits:

  1. It combines both 315 MHz and 433 MHz applications in one sensor
  2. Allows interchangeable rubber and metal valves.
  3. It is built to perform like OE sensors in terms of signal, durability and functionality.
  4. 100% clone-able with CGSULIT TPMS programming tool TPMS80 and no relearn is required.
  5. Superior battery life (more than 5 years) and reliability to match OE sensor battery performance.
  6. With the unique serial number, the sensor quality can be tracked from factory manufacturing


Battery Life >5 years
Operating Temperature -40°C to +125°C
Storage Temperature -40°C to +150°C
Operating Humidity 90%
Operating Frequency 433 MHz/315MHz
Pressure Monitoring Range 100 to 900 kPa
Pressure Reading Accuracy ±10 kPa
Temperature Reading Range -40°C to +125°C
Temperature Reading Accuracy ±5°C
Sensor Reading Accuracy ±15%
Transmission Power 5-8 dBm
Battery 3.0 V
Dimensions 55.1 x 29.4 x 21.8 mm
Weight 18.5 g (Without Valve)

Pack including:

4 pieces of TPMS sensors

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