LAUNCH TPMS CRT5011X Relearn Tool Activate/Relearn All Car Tyre Pressure Sensors TPMS Programming Tool

LAUNCH TPMS CRT5011X | TPMS Programming Tool a TPMS diagnostic & service tool specially designed to activate all known TPMS sensors

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LAUNCH TPMS CRT5011X Relearn Tool Activate/Relearn All Car Tyre Pressure Sensors TPMS Programming Tool

LAUNCH TPMS CRT5011X Relearn Tool Activate/Relearn All Sensors TPMS Programming Tool Carradio.ie

Vehicle Info

Retrieve a list of information (provided by the vehicle manufacturer) from the vehicle’s onboard computer. The report includes VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), CID (Calibration ID), and CVN (Calibration Verification Number).

The programming function helps users to program the sensor data to the LAUNCH sensors (compatible with 98% of vehicles on the market) and replace faulty sensors. It allows 8 Launch tire pressure sensors to be programmed simultaneously, which generates a huge benefit for auto repair technicians.

3.5” LCD Screen Tool
Equipped with a 3.5″ LCD with a resolution of 320*480 pixels, the colour screen displays the application modules and maintenance procedures for users.

TPMS Sensor Programming Tools

Launch CRT5011X is a complete tpms tire pressure monitor system tool(program/Activation/relearn sensors, TPMS diagnostics, etc.). TPMS Programming tool can program the sensor data to the LAUNCH-sensor and replace the faulty sensor. The TPMS relearn tool can program LAUNCH sensors with unlimited times and program up to 8 sensors at one time. There are 4 ID generation methods you can choose from: Auto-create, Manual Input, Copy ID by Activation and Copy by OBD.

TPMS Relearn Tool

LAUNCH TPMS Relearn tool transfers new sensor IDs into the vehicle ECU for sensor recognition. TPMS Relearn Tool provides 3 ways of on-tool relearn procedure to relearn OE and aftermarket sensors. 1) Automatic Relearn; 2) Stationary Relearn; 3) OBDII Relearn. Launch TPMS scan tool provides step-by-step guidance for all supported vehicles. After replacing the sensor/tire pressure module/receivers/tires, you can reset TPMS and turn off the TPMS warning light.

Activate ALL TPMS Sensor

The TPMS tool can activate all OEM tire pressure sensors, whether 315 or 433MHz. The activation procedure is quite simple. Place the tool alongside the valve stem, point toward the sensor location, and press the activation button to trigger the sensors. After activating the TPMS sensor, you can view sensor data such as sensor ID, tire pressure/tire frequency/tire temperature, and battery condition.

TPMS Diagnostic, TPMS Test& Full OBD2 Functions

The TPMS diagnostic tool can be one step for completing the TPMS health check and TPMS diagnostics by connecting to the OBD port. It can read the TPMS ECU info, DTC, live data, and tire info (such as tire pressure, temperature, sensor battery status, and frequency), perform TPMS reset and clear DTCs, and turn off the TPMS warning light. Full 10 OBD II functions for OBD II compliant vehicles, which help you to troubleshoot issues for various cars.

Broad Compatibility & Lifetime Software Update

Launch CRT5011X TPMS diagnostic tool is compatible with 98% of vehicles on the market. The broad compatibility makes it ideal for DIYers and tire shop mechanics. What’s more, the TPMS tool comes with a lifetime software update, which enhances the TPMS relearn tool’s functionality and keeps you on the trend all the time. The powerful 3100mAh battery allows the device to operate for a long time without charging.

WHY LAUNCH CRT5011X TPMS Relearn Tool is a Must-Have Tool for You?

Driving with deflated tires can be risky since it would jeopardize parts of your car and threaten drivers’ security. The tpms tire pressure monitor system can help you maintain proper tire pressure and increase your safety on the road by improving your vehicle’s handling, decreasing tire wear, reducing braking distance, and bettering fuel economy. TPMS diagnostic tool LAUNCH CRT5011X can help you to check the health status of the tire pressure monitoring system and assist you in replacing sensors.

1. Covers over 98% of global vehicles with tire pressure system
2. Activate and match with all 315 MHz/ 433 MHz tire pressure sensors
3. Reset, relearn and reprogram tire pressure sensors fast
4. Diagnose the tire pressure issues, read and clear tire pressure DTCs
5. Reprogramming LAUNCH sensors with unlimited times
to read tire sensor ID, tire pressure, tire temperature, and battery status accurately
6. Reprogram up to 8 sensors at one time
7. Built-in learning tutorial for easy operation
8. 4 ID generation methods: Manual creation, Copy ID, Automatic creation, OBD Creation
9. 3 Activation Methods: Automatic Relearn, Stationary Relearn, OBD Relearn
10. OBD II / EOBD functions included





Display: 3.5 inch

Resolution: 320*480 Pixel

Battery: 3100 mAh

Input Voltage: DC 5V

Working Temperature: -20℃~70℃

Storage Temperature: -20℃~70℃

Size: 200*115*35 mm



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