ThinkCar PLD212 Smoke Leak Detector

ThinkCar PLD212 Smoke Leak Detector (Turbo Model)

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ThinkCar PLD212 Smoke Leak Detector (Turbo Model)

Garage Equipment Tool

ThinkCar PLD212 Professional Automotive Smoke Leak Detector Turbo Model can detect a leak in the exhaust system.
Universal tools can work on cars, vans, trucks, buses, motorcycles, boats and other machinery.
PLD212 can detect leak holes up to 0.5mm with hold-limited pressure protection in EVAP mode to protect vehicle piles from damage.
Influential and easy to operate, built-in air pump without relying on other machines and pressure gauge with precise scale.
Connect the detector with the DC12V battery; it can output thick smoke within 30SEC, after turning on.
Dual flow meters design, unique design with 2 meters to observe the flow meter and the pressure gauge for leak status.
For overheating and anti-frost protection, PLD212 has an intelligent protector; if it exceeds the working limit, such as over 120C, it will automatically turn off the power to secure the safety of both the operator and the device.
PLD212 offers two test modes: Air mode and smoke mode.

ThinkCar PLD212 set contains a Main Unit, power supply cable, smoke hose, standard cone adapter, funnel, smoke test oil, airbag, different size rubber hose plugs, and screwdriver.

Turbo Model- Output pressure 13-15Psi
Flow amount 10L per minute
Oil volume 45ml
The supply voltage is DC 12V, and the cable length is 2 meters.
Smoke hose length 2 meters.
The warranty is 12 months after warranty service is available.

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