AUTEL MaxiCom MK908 Car Diagnostic Scanner Tool

Car Diagnostic Scanner Tool

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AUTEL MaxiCom MK908 Car Diagnostic Scanner Tool


Autel MaxiCOM MK908 Professional Diagnostic Scanner ECU Coding Bi-directional Control All system Diagnosis

■ Introduction

Autel MaxiCOM MK908,  featuring the super-fast Hexa-Core (1.3GHz + 1.7GHz) processor, an intuitive 10.1-inch LED capacitive touch screen, multitask-capable Android 4.4.2 OS and the coverage of OE-level diagnostics, is the best possible auto diagnostic scanner providing evolutionary smart solution for professionals with Garage or Auto Repairing Shops.

■ Bullet Points

The diagnostic tool can replace the existing software/firmware in the ECU, program new ECUs and fix software-controlled driving performance and emission issues. (Need to buy J2534 respectively)
Being MS908 upgraded, it is Autel’s latest and most sophisticated diagnostic scanner which boasts the best hardware including Hexa-CPU, 2GB RAM etc. for fast boot-up and multitasking, and the ergonomic design to resist damage of heavy use.
This diagnostic device can access to vehicle’s all systems and subsystems. It takes care of professionals who like to perform advanced functions as ECU coding, bi-directional control, active test etc., for getting complex diagnosis efficiently.
Easy and intuitive navigation makes finding what you need simple and fast. Displays live data in text, graph, analog and digital gauge for intuitive analysis. Data Manager saving diagnostic records for future reviews. And much more.
This automotive diagnostic tool can expand the diagnostic capabilities by working with MP408, MV108 to go deeper into the unseen details for locating the fault efficiently, or by working with TS601 for diagnosing comprehensive TPMS problems.

■ Covering All Possible Diagnostics that Are OE-Related

The device covers all possible OE-Level diagnostics which allows you to establish a data link to the electronic control systems of the test vehicle via the VCI device for access to all vehicle systems and subsystems, such as Body, Chassis, Powertrain, Network and etc., to perform a comprehensive scanning process on ECUs to locate the faulty systems and retrieve the DTCs related. It will save you the hassle of diagnosing any un-identified engine errors you’d ever met.
1)Generic OBD II operations for retrieving OBD2 vehicle diagnostic information
1. Read Codes – displays detailed information of DTC records retrieved from the vehicle control module.
2. Erase Codes – erases DTC records and other data from the ECM.
3. Live Data – retrieves and displays live data and parameters from the vehicle’s ECU.
And so on …
2) Special functions for various scheduled service and maintenance performances;
1. Oil Reset: Reminds you to change the oil when required.
2. EPB: Reads, clears and offers electronic park braking on flat roads.
3. BMS: Shows all the information related to the battery management system.
4. ABS: Reads and clears anti-lock braking system problems.
5. DPF: Shows errors in the DPF system (removes soot from exhaust system).
6. TPMS: Monitors air pressure in the tires.
7. IMMO: Used for enhancing car security by serving as a code that starts the engine.
3) Active test for figuring out whether a specific subsystem or component in vehicles goes well.

A passive test is a diagnostic test that simply monitors a vehicle component or system. Conversely, an ACTIVE TEST actually takes some sort of action when performing diagnostic functions, often in response to a failed passive test. For example, the EGR active test will force the EGR valve open during closed throttle deceleration and may not force the EGR valve closed during a steady state mode. Either action should result in a change in manifold pressure on the MAP sensor.

Or For Example, the window motor ACTIVE TEST will be able to test the window motor if it is able to open or close. So you can easily find out when the Window motor is faulty without disassembling on parts.

Unlike conventional scanners, MK908 users can get access to the vehicle-specific subsystem and component parts, and output commands to the related ECU, thus driving the actuators to perform a specific function for determining the integrity of the system or parts by reading the engine ECU data, or by monitoring the operation of the actuators, such as switching a solenoid, relay, or switch, between two operating states.

■ 25 Service Functions for various scheduled service and maintenance performances

25 Service Functions for various scheduled service and maintenance performances including : Oil Reset, EPB, TPMS, BMS, Brake Bleed, DPF, Immo Keys, Injector, SAS, Suspension, Throttle, WIN DR ROOF, Seats, Odometer, Lang Change, Headlamp, CHG Tire Size, TEC Learn, ABS/SRS, Cylinder, Turbocharging, Limit, Clutch, Trans Adaption, Airbag Reset.
It provides component adaptation or variant coding functions for custom configurations, and also allows you to reprogram adaptive values for certain components after making repairs.
The most commonly performed service functions include:
Oil Reset Service:
Allows you to perform reset for the Engine Oil Life system, which calculates an optimal oil life change interval depend on the vehicle driving conditions and climate.
EPB Service: 
Helps maintain the electronic braking system safely and effectively, deactivating and activating the brake control system, assisting with brake fluid control, opening and closing brake pads, and setting brakes after disc or pad replacement, etc.
SAS Service: 
Allows you to perform calibration for the Steering Angle Sensor, which permanently stores the current steering wheel position as the straight-ahead position in the steering angle sensor EEPROM.
DPF Service:
 Allows you to carry out numerous functions to the Diesel Particulate Filter system.
TPMS Service: Allows you to quickly look up the tire sensor IDs from the vehicle’s ECU, as well as to perform TPMS programming and reset procedures after tire sensors are replaced.
IMMO Service: 
Programs a new anti-theft key, and performs key matching when the ignition switch, the combined instrument panel, ECU, BCM, or the remote control battery is replaced.
And Many More…

■ Abundant User-Friendly Add-On Features

1.Extendable Feature: It can expand the diagnostic capabilities by working with MP408, MV108 to go deeper into the unseen details for locating the fault easily and accurately, or by working with TS601 for diagnosing comprehensive TPMS problems.
2.AutoVin Technology: The device equips with the latest AutoVIN technology with advanced Auto-Scan functions to identify CAN-Enabled vehicles, in one touch. It displays the data in the form of text, graph, analog and digital gauge for efficient analysis.
3.Fast Data Transfer (VCI): The package comes with both dual band 802.11n Wi-Fi technology and long range Blue-tooth connectivity that provides its users with an ultra-fast Vehicle Communication Interface. You don’t have to wait. Just plug it into the OBD-II dashboard and it will diagnose within seconds.
4.MaxiFix: The MaxiFix application launches the on-line troubleshooter database, which not only provides you virtually all common diagnostic trouble code (DTC) database for most vehicles, but also serves as a forum allowing you to network with other MaxiCOM users, and gives you access to a vast database of repair and diagnostic tips along with proven filed fixes.
5.Data Manager: The Data Manager application is used to store, print, and review the saved files for future reviews.
6.Ergonomic Design: The product has been designed to be carried single handy yet it doesn’t mean it will fit in pocket. In particulars on the outside you will see it adopts the real rubber protection design on the both sides to be more ergonomic, and to resist damage of daily heavy use for maximum longevity.
7.Big Storage Capacity: The diagnosing tool has 2GB RAM that dumps huge amount of temp files and supports frequent live streaming. The dedicated RAM avoids the device-hang problem and ensures smooth operations. The 64GB Internal SSD stores all the detailed history of your clients.
8.Auto Focus Camera: The product comes with built-in 8 mega-pixel rear camera with a flash-light. The camera provides high-quality images as it has auto-focusing ability.
9.And so much more …

■ Wide Compatibility and Vehicle Coverage

For Chrysler, Dodge, Ford, GM, Jeep, Abarth, Alfa, Citroen, Fiat, Lancia, Opel, Peugeot, Porsche, Renault, Saab, Vauxhall, Volvo, Aston Martin, Audi, Bentley, Benz, Sprinter, BMW, Bugatti, Ferrari, Jaguar, Lamborghini, Land Rover, Maserati, Maybach, Mini, Rolls-Royce, Seat, Skoda, Smart, VW, VW CV, Dacia, Ford EU, LT3, Acura, Daewoo, Daihatsu, Honda, Hyundai, Hyundai CV, Infiniti, Kia, Lexus, Maruti Suzuki, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Nissan GTR, Samsung, Scion, Ssang Yong, Subaru, Suzuki, Toyota, Isuzu, Mahindra, Perodua, Proton, TATA, HINO,UD, Fuso.
And once you find your car model, you would be highly impressed with the list of diagnostic solutions that this diagnostic scan tool has to provide. Also, it doesn’t mean it’s non-compatible with the vehicles manufactured in other regions or newly launched as the latest updates are frequently launched.

■ Warranty

12-month warranty for any possible quality problems.

■ Packing List

1*Main Unit – MK908
1*Standard 2.0 USB Cable
1*Mini USB Cable
1*AC/DC External Power Adapter
1*Cigarette Lighter
2*Light Fuse
1*BMW Ethernet Cable (Optional)
1*VCI – Wireless Diagnostic Interface
9*OBDI Adapters (Chrysler-16; BMW-20; Kia-20; Nissan-14; GM/Daewoo-12; Honda-3; Benz-38; VW/Audi-2+2; Mitsubishi/Hyundai-12+16)
1*User Manual





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