LAUNCH CR6011 OBD2 Diagnostic Tool Scanner 


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LAUNCH CR6011 OBD2 Diagnostic Tool Scanner

Product Description

LAUNCH CReader 6011 CR6011 OBD2 Scanner ABS SRS Code Read Auto Diagnostic Tool Car OBD2 OBDII Automotive Autoscanner


Product Introduction:
CReader 6011 is a multipurpose CReader with a large-size color display. It provides full OBDII/EOBD diagnostic functions, and also ABS and SRS system diagnostic functions. It is a practical car diagnostic tool that helps one resolve common faults in daily car maintenance.
EASY TO USE: All-in-one screen and easy-to-use hotkeys make the 6011 an ideal tool for the DIYer and professional technicians alike. Thoughtful design elements like Quick access with hot keys; Durable buttons with metal covers to prolong life; and Extended cover connections to maximize protection will allow this unit to last through years of constant use and abuse.
FULL OBD FUNTION: CReader 6011 provides full OBDII/EOBD diagnostic functions, Read dynamic data streams; Read readiness status; Turns off Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL); Query freeze frame data; Read current DTCs; Clear DTCs; O2 Sensor test; On-board monitor test; Read pending DTCs; On-board system or component control; Read vehicle information; Read permanent DTCs. Works on ALL 1996 and newer OBD II & CAN domestic or import vehicles.
SPECIAL FUNCTION: CR6011 provides the ABS and SRS diagnostic functions, Read DTCs, clear DTCs, and read data streams for the ABS system and the SRS system. Works on 46 car models, see the description for more models.
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WHAT’S IN THE PACKAGE: OBD Scanner; OBD II Connector and cable; USB cable; One Bag; One Protective Case; Quick start guide in three languages (English, France and Spanish); Free scanner updates via the internet, Multilingual Support (English, French, Spanish, German, Russian)
Support Languages:
English, Spanish, French, Russian, German, Portuguese, Japanese
Product Functions:

1. OBD full functions

1) Read dynamic data streams and MIL

2) Read readiness status

3) Query freeze frame data

4) Read current DTCs

5) Clear DTCs

6) O2 sensor test

7) On-board monitor test

8) Read pending DTCs

9) On-board system or component control

10) Read vehicle information

11) Read permanent DTCs

2. Color and graphical display of data streams
3. Query DTCs
4. Free update of USB interface internet
5. Multilingual support
6. Data record and replay
7. Read DTCs, clear DTCs, and read data streams for the ABS system
8. Read DTCs, clear DTCs, and read data streams for the SRS system
9. Print data via PC
10. With the same functions as AUTEL AL619.
Main difference between CR6011 and C6001: CR611 provides the ABS and SRS diagnostic functions.
How to update the software of CR6011?
1. Go to the official website of LAUNCH “www.dbscar.com”, click “Products” -> “creader 4001~9081”; find the “creader 6011”, then down load the update tool to your computer.
2. Install the update tool on your computer
3. Connect the Creader 6011 to your computer via the USB data lines in the package.
4. Run the update tool software, fill in the serial number and register code of creader 6011 (The serial number and register code will be found on the screen when you conect creader 6011 to your PC), click the update. Please keep the device connected and ensure the network works well.
CR6011 has 2 main functions:
1. Full OBD2 functions:
All cars that suport OBDII, from 1996 to present (America cars), 2002 to present (Europe cars), 2008 to present (Asia cars).
2. ABS & SRS testing:
Item Comparision:
Q: How many years update for creader 6011?
A: Lifetime free update online.
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