LAUNCH CRE305 Car Code Reader Obd2 Scanner Diagnostic Tool

LAUNCH CRE305 Car Code Diagnostic Tool

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LAUNCH CRE305 Car Code Reader Obd2 Scanner Diagnostic Tool

CRE305  is an evolutionary code reader for both professional technicians and DIYers. It supports Smart (Auto-Detect) Diagnosis, Manual Diagnosis, Full OBD2 modes, One-Click Update, Diagnostic History, Diagnostic Feedback, DTC Library, Real-time Battery Voltage Display, Three-system diagnostics, and other functions, coping with frustrating problems, saving your trips to the repair garage.

LAUNCH CRE305 Car Code Reader Obd2 Scanner Diagnostic Tool
LAUNCH CRE305 Car Code Reader Obd2 Scanner Diagnostic Tool


Full ODB2 Modes

Read Codes: report generic and manufacturer-specific codes;

Clear Codes: reset the trouble code to turn off the malfunction indicator light;

Live Data: graphically show current powertrain diagnostic data;

Freeze Frame: check the raw data recorded when a trouble code was set;

O2 Sensor Test: show the last results of the O2 sensor test in a graphic display for troubleshooting;

I/M Readiness Status: check whether the emissions-related systems are ready for smog test;

On-board Monitor Test: read test results for on-board diagnostic monitoring tests of specific components;

Component Test: perform bidirectional control of an on-board system or test (currently limited to some evaporative emissions systems for leak testing);

Vehicle Information: provide VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), CID (Calibration ID), and CVN (Calibration Verification Number)

CRE305 scan tool surpasses its competitors for its responsive speed (with the latest android system), high efficiency (one-click update via Wi-Fi), vehicle coverage (compatible with vehicles from 1996 to 2021), and convenient operation (touchscreen). The LAUNCH CRE305 code reader is suitable for 1000+ car models, domestic and international mainstream models and compatible with 32+ Brands. You can check the attached Application Guide –Car Brands before purchasing.

LAUNCH CRE305 Car Code Reader Obd2 Scanner Diagnostic Tool

Engine System Diagnostics

The CRE300 check engine code reader helps detect the engine ignition, fuel injection, air, and fuel ratio, and exhaust emission conditions in the engine system, to improve vehicle performance, save energy, and reduce exhaust emission.

ABS Diagnostics

ABS (anti-lock braking system) enables the wheels of a vehicle to maintain tractive contact with the ground, helping drivers retain steering control by preventing unexpected skidding of the car on slippery roads, thus reducing the risk of crashing.

SRS Diagnostics

A supplemental restraint system, an extra safety measure commonplace in vehicles, is designed to improve occupant protection in some ways of crushes. Check the SRS (Airbag) system to ensure passenger safety in certain collisions.

LAUNCH CRE305 Car Code Reader Obd2 Scanner Diagnostic Tool

CRE305 scan tool supports all 10 OBDII modes and can diagnose the three main systems (Engine, ABS, and SRS).

The OBD2 scanner CRE305 features a touch screen for convenient operation, a Wi-Fi connection for quick upgrades, the android system for fast running speed, the Auto VIN for immediate vehicle identification, broad vehicle coverage for cars from 1996 to 2021, and diagnostic report generation for share.

ABS & SRS & Engine Diagnosis – The Launch CRE305 OBD2 code reader dives deep into the engine, ABS, and SRS to read/erase the diagnostic trouble codes and view data stream and ECU information. It is universally applicable to the world. Its coverage is not restricted to some countries but refers to worldwide compatibility. For the specific models supported by CRE305, please refer to the attached Application Guide.

Any 5 Reset Services of Your Choice. This obd2 scanner features 16 popular reset services required for effective vehicle maintenance and profitable business as Oil, Brake, SAS, BMS, TPMS, DPF, IMMO, ETS, Injector, Gear, Bleeding, Air Suspension, Gearbox, Sunroof, AFS, and EGR. You can choose any 5 of the diagnostic tool with in-app purchases tailored to your specific needs. *Yearly subscription varies by service options.

10 OBD2 Modes The Launch CRE305 OBD2 scanner can read/erase codes view Live Data Stream and Freeze Frame, check I/M Readiness, perform On-board Monitor Test / O2 Sensor Test / EVAP System Test / Component Test, and obtain vehicle information (year/make…). The freeze-frame shows the car’s running state when a failure occurs for the last check. DTC Lookup directly presents you DTCs’ definitions. No need to Google them.

Auto VIN& DTC  LAUNCH CRE305 OBDII scanner has been upgraded to solve your problems well. The Auto VIN can automatically identify and match your vehicle models. Moreover, the built-in DTC library provides the definitions of thousands of DTCs. The mission of the CRE305 code reader is to simplify the diagnosis process and improve the efficiency of diagnosis.

User-friendly Functions- The Launch CRE305 makes report printing possible, so you can present a comprehensive diagnostic report to your customers to demonstrate professionalism. CRE305 code reader can get Lifetime Free updated via Wi-Fi. Switch the tool on and ensure a stable internet connection. Convenience is shown in every detail. The exclusive operating system based on Android runs fast. Users feel good using it as if they are using their phones.

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