OTOFIX EvoScan ULTRA 2023 Top Intelligent Diagnostic Tool with 2 Years Free Update ECU Programming Diagnostic Scanner Topology Map


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OTOFIX EvoScan ULTRA 2023 Top Intelligent Diagnostic Tool with 2 Years Free Update ECU Programming Diagnostic Scanner Topology Map

OTOFIX EvoScan Ultra supports 2 Years of Free Software Updates

OTOFIX EvoScan Ultra, the 2023 newest emerged model, is upgraded from Elite/ MS908S Pro/ MK908P and offers major breakthrough.

[Introducing EvoScan Ultra]OTOFIX has announced the latest top-tier diagnostic scan tool EvoScan Ultra this year. It surpasses OE-level car scanners and integrates everything experts need to conveniently diagnose/research/repair vehicle issues, all in one place: Online E.CU Programming/Coding, Topology Mapping, Personalization, Guided Functions, Remote Expert (upon activation), Full-system Diagnostics, etc. backed by industry-leading technology and highly-beneficial to boost your business.

[ECU Programming & Coding] This car diagnostic scanner offers ECU Programming/Coding that leads the competition by a significant 20% margin in terms of car coverage & accuracy: 1) Online Programming for high-end models of Ben.z/BM.W/Mini; 2) Offline Programming for For.d/Land Rover/Jaguar; 3) Online/offline Coding to make matching after ECU replacement as a breeze; which most aftermarket scan tools DON’T support. *For more details, refer to the following page.

[J2534/RP1210/D-PDU & CAN-FD/DoIP]Compatible with protocols of J2534/RP1210/D-PDU, this J2534 reprogramming tool can work with OE software to get cost-effective OE upgrades without using expensive OE scan tools. It also supports CAN-FD/DoIP for new models from BM.W/Land Rover/Jaguar/G.E. This is a car scanner diagnostic for all cars that services 80+ brands/10000+ models and is updated continuously as vehicles evolve, with more frequent renewal that surpasses competitors by over 1 year.

[40+ Special Functions & Active Tests] You can do nearly all car repairs in this car diagnostic scanner including 40+ commonly-used functions like Oil Reset/EPB/BMS/Injector Coding, etc. with a single touch. The full suite of bi-directional control can issue direct commands to the vehicle’s ECU for action testing, accurately diagnosing malfunctions for highly efficient work. This scanner for cars is no doubt a great value for repair shop technicians as it saves greatly both time and money.

OTOFIX EvoScan ULTRA 2023 Top Intelligent Diagnostic Tool with 2 Years Free Update ECU Programming Diagnostic Scanner Topology Map

[Guided Function & AutoAuth] When you connect this diagnostic tool to V-W/Aud.i/Skoda/Seat, its Guided Function will analyze systems and provide step-by-step instructions to complete sensor calibration, matching, and more. Just follow the easy guide. Unlike snapon scanners, EvoScan Ultra supports SGW gateway access via registered AutoAuth to diagnose 2017+ FCA-SGW vehicles. Renault gateway support is also available when the Renault software version is V4.50 and above.

[Optimal User Experience] This is a phenomenal diagnostic tool tailored for pro mechs: 1) At-a-glance systematic Topology Mapping in colours can easily locate faults in various ECU modules. Simply click the module to check; 2) The cutting-edge AutoScan 2.0 technology significantly boosts scanning speeds by over 3X faster than other car diagnostic scanners on the market, working on Ben.z, BM.W, V.W, GE, For.d, Chrysler, Nissan, Toyota, Hyundai-Kia, Honda, Renault, PSA, and more.

[Remote Expert & Cloud Report]With EvoScan Ultra, you can connect with experts via the internet to have real-time, one-on-one technical help remotely if you get stuck on an unfamiliar vehicle issue (for non-European users ONLY to open the service). Additionally, this OBD2 scanner diagnostic tool features Cloud-based Report Management: easy to share & view test reports on any of your smart devices like tablets/PCs/phones through QR codes/email/SMS, etc., with one-touch operation.

[Choose Us, Choose Confidence]OTOFIX EvoScan Ultra covers this diagnostic scan tool with a 2-year software upgrade to add new features, fix system bugs, expand car coverage, and enhance user experience, saving your BIG on software renewal costs. The 1-year quality backup and 30-day no-questions-asked return policy are also included. We understand the importance of after-sale service. That’s why our team offers 24/7 timely e-mail responses to answer any of your questions.

Support Language:

English, Spanish, German, Russian, Italian, Polish language, Swedish language, Korean, Japanese, Portuguese, French, Czech language, Thai, Vietnamese language, Indonesian language, Cambodian, Simplified Chinese

3X Faster AutoVIN 2.0 Technology:

The next-generation AutoVIN 2.0 technology works on most cars made after 2006. Compared to standard AutoVIN featuring in other scan tools, the AutoVIN 2.0 can 3X faster pull detailed VIN information like “manufacturer, make, model, type, fuel type, engine info, etc.”, then scan all diagnosable ECUs and execute system testing. The whole procedure needs only seconds to complete. This is a huge leap forward in diagnostic technology.

This feature is compatible with V-W, Aud.i, Skoda, Seat, Mercedes-Benz, G.M, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Honda, Acura, Hyundai, Kia, Nissan, Infiniti, Toyota, Lexus, Scion, For.d, Renault, Dacia, Samsung, Peugeot, Citroen, DS, BMW, Mini, etc. and all CAN-compatible models (regardless of the made year).

Topology Mapping Technology:

This scanner for cars offers a visual representation of the elements within a communications network. It empowers you to:

Instantaneously get a glance of crucial information such as the number of systems, scanned systems, and corresponding scan results.
Directly access the current status of each module, including the presence and number of DTCs.
Filter out healthy and faulty systems with distinct colours for easy analysis.
Systematically present the communication structure between each module.
Zoom in and out to obtain a clear and detailed view of the system diagram tree.
Compatible with V-W, Honda, Hyundai, Nissan, Toyota, Land Rover, Peugeot, G.M, Volvo, and Benz.

OTOFIX EvoScan ULTRA 2023 Top Intelligent Diagnostic Tool with 2 Years Free Update ECU Programming Diagnostic Scanner Topology Map

VAG Guided Functions:

Targeted on different car models and configurations, there is related operation guidance that provides corresponding tips, auto log-in, matching, setting and coding. Having guided functions means having the company of an expert who can provide ideas, and help look up maintenance manual and test functions while repairing a car.

Online E-CU Coding (Subscribe) for Audi & VW:

E-CU Coding: Refresh Hidden Features / Recode Change Modules / Personalization / Customize the Daytime Running Lights / Auto Side Mirrors Folding / Auto Engine Start-Stop / More…

• Recode the adaptive for certain components after making repairs or replacements
• Improve fuel efficiency and the durability of mechanical parts, reduce power loss
• Change the chimes on your car, set the mirrors automatically folding and unfolding, and deactivate the Start/Stop function

IMMO Keys:

Programming key FOB programming on VAG vehicles: Add New K-ey, Delete The Lost Key, Write Smart Keys, Smart Keys Lost, Remote Learning. (Note: the key programming function is NOT universally compatible, please check compatibility before you get the software).

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