THINKCAR NEW THINKTOOL Euro Expert Professional Diagnostic Machine OBDII Car Diagnostic Scanner Tool


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THINKCAR NEW THINKTOOL Euro Expert Professional Diagnostic Machine OBDII Car Diagnostic Scanner Tool

THINKTOOL Euro Expert for 12V Vehicles

Euro Expert NEW model is a 12-inch professional diagnostic scope with the latest THINKDIAG 3 VCI head, 3 one, diagnostics, and two-channel oscilloscope; the multimeter also supports the latest Can FD diagnostic protocol.

Diagnostic has extensive diagnostic coverage of all systems that a given vehicle is equipped with for over 119+ makes and models worldwide in passenger cars, small commercial vehicles, and hybrid vehicles. The device has online programming and coding functions in selected brands that are increasingly needed in today’s diagnostics.

From the date of activation, Euro Expert is updated free of charge for two years and expanded with new capabilities through ongoing online updates, which increases the potential and capabilities of the diagnoscope, giving it an advantage over other diagnostic devices.

THINKCAR NEW THINKTOOL Euro Expert Professional Diagnostic Machine OBDII Car Diagnostic Scanner Tool

THINKCAR NEW THINKTOOL Euro Expert Professional Diagnostic Machine OBDII Car Diagnostic Scanner Tool

Example possibilities;

Automatic scanning by VIN or manually, brand type, model…

View current parameters, code control units, read apparent faults after repair, support executive tests, module replacement, modification, personalization, anti-theft adaptation with the possibility of crucial programming, online functions increasingly needed in today’s diagnostics, and others…

The new generation VCI THINKDIAG 3 head supports the latest CAN FD diagnostic protocol and has a built-in 2-channel oscilloscope, a multimeter with wireless communication, and an OBD 2 connector.
The set includes a module for supporting TPMS sensors with 4 TPMS sensors.

Euro EXPERT diagnosticscope can program online coding of controllers in selected brands such as Audi, BMW, LAND ROVER, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, Porsche, Seat, Skoda, Subaru, VW, Renault…


Online programming from the THINKCAR manufacturer’s cloud, you do not need to have access to the dealership.

Additionally, the tester has 35 service functions available with one click, allowing quick access to a service and shortening work time.

35 service functions:


Adaptation of the fuel-air mixture

Brake reset

Service and oil inspection

Steering angle sensor

Battery change

Bleeding the brakes

Throttle valve

Tire pressure monitoring system

Particulate filter

AdBlue reset

Adaptive high beam system


Ventilation cooling system

Exhaust gas recirculation

Crankshaft sensor

Gear adaptation


Injector coding

Language setting

Adaptive NOX sensor



Suspension calibration

Electronic seat adjustment

Start/stop deactivation

Changing the circumference of a wheel

Activation of the means of transport

Initialization of the window controller

Steering angle motor calibration

Intelligent cruise control system

High voltage system diagnostics

Motor balance calibration

Installation and calibration of the air conditioning system

TPMS database


Optionally, additional modules are available:

A printer that can be used to print diagnostic results directly.

An endoscopic camera that allows you to check for faults in narrow and dark spaces.

Battery tester that offers a complete battery testing service.

ProG G 3 programmer for handling immo, keys, ecu, tcm, eeprom, etc.
An oscilloscope that checks for errors in a vehicle’s electrical circuit.

THINK TPMS Twand 200, with which you can read and program TPMS sensors.

(options additionally paid CONTACT US)


All modules connect to the central unit using a USB or B-T cable or are plugged into the device.

Supported languages:

Polish, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Dutch, Hungarian.



2 years of free software updates from the activation date for all functions.

1-year warranty.

Technical data:

Memory: 4 GB RAM and 128 GB built-in memory.

Android 10

12-inch touchscreen display

Bluetooth communication

Camera: Rear: 13 MP

12600mAh 3.7V battery

Contents of the THINKTOOL Euro Expert set

– Thinktool Euro Expert 12″ tablet with touch screen.
– THINKDIAG 3 VCI oscilloscope/multimeter/ OBD 2 head.

– 2-channel oscilloscope with accessories.

– Multimeter with accessories.

– 15 pieces of custom connectors for various passenger cars.

– Accessories for BMW online programming.

– Module for programming TPMS sensors.

– 4 x TPMS S1 433 MHZ/ 315 MHZ sensors.

– BOX.


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