THINKDIAG OBD2 Diagnostic Car Scanner Tool One Free Manufacturer Software

LAUNCH ThinkDiag OBD2 Diagnostic Car Scanner Tool

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LAUNCH ThinkDiag OBD2 Diagnostic Car Scanner Tool



1 Free Manufacturer Software

After activating the device, you will get 1 free manufacturer (car model) software. You can select any of the manufacturer software in ThinkStore and you can use it free for one year. Manufacturer Software
Price for Each: $39.95/year, (35€) Reset Software Price : $49.95/year(45€)

THINKDIAG is an Automotive Diagnostic Device. It supports full systems diagnostic for the car, and 15 kinds of reset functions.
You can delete car errors codes and reset the system if you have the Thinkdiag.
ThinkDiag will be a 2000 level professional scan tool.
ThinkDiag is perfect to use with our unique App. Easy and convenient, anytime and anywhere.

Launch Thinkdiag Advantages:

1. Connect car via bluetooth on smartphone, app name is ThinkDiag
2. Plug ThinkDiag into the OBD port, open ThinkDiag App on the smartphone to do the vehicle diagnosis.
3. 16 kinds of reset service
4. Full System Diagnosis
5. 1 Free Manufacturer Software. After activating the device, you will get 1 free manufacturer software.
You can select any of the manufacturer software (one car model) in ThinkStore and you can use it free for one year.
if u need more, please buy software on the application.
Manufacturer Software Price for Each: $39.95/year
Reset Software Price for Each: $49.95/year
6. Cover Up to 115 Major Vehicle Manufacturers: ThinkDiag covers 115 major vehicle manufacturers in the market, and keep updating

Launch Thinkdiag Functions:

1. All Systems Full Functions Diagnosis, reading system fault codes, and clear system fault codes
2. Read vehicle’s information automatically
3. Start communicating with ECU, scanning fault codes
4. Read vehicle’s live data, and present by graph. Optional combination of multiple data.
5. Generate a diagnostic report

Launch Thinkdiag Coverage Systems:

1.Oil Reset Service
Angle Calibration
3.Electronic Parking Brake Reset
4.Battery Register & Battery Maintenance
5.ABS Bleeding
6.Electronic Throttle Position Reset & Learn
7.Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Regeneration
8.Tire Pressure Monitor System Reset
9.Anti-theft Matching
10.Injector matching MaEET
11.Air Suspension Reset
12. Gearbox Reset
13.Sunroof RESET
14.AFS Reset (EGR)
15.EGR Reset
Note: These special function NOT for all car models, if you are confused, Please send your car brand, model and release year to seller to check it for you

Launch Thinkdiag Support Car List:

for Aston Martin,for Audi,for Benz,for BMW,for Chrysler,for Honda,for JP-Isuzu,for KIA,for Land Rover,for Maserati,for Porsche,for Renault,for Rover,for SAAB,for Seat,for Subaru,for Suzuki,for Toyota,USA for Ford,for Volvo,for Citroen,for Daewoo,for Mitsubishi,for Skoda,for Hyundai,for Mazda,for Ferrari,for Nissan,for Smart,for Peugeot,for SGM,for Fiat,for Opel,for Sprinter,for Ssangyong,for VW,for GM…


Launch Thinkdiag Specifications:

Smartphone Support:                   Android & iOS
Bluetooth:                                     Yes
Software Subscriptions:                Free 1-Year Subscription
Dimensions:                                  4.6 x 3 x 1.5 inches
Warranty:                                      1-Year Manufacturer Warranty
Compatible OBD II Protocols:       ISO 14230-4(KWP2000), ISO 15765-4(CAN), ISO9141-2(iso), ISO14229(uds), SAEJ1850(VPW & PWM)

Launch Thinkdiag FAQs:

Q1:Does ThinkDiag require an internet connection?
A1:ThinkDiag device required Bluetooth connection with your smartphone. If you need to update your vehicle diagnostic software, your smartphone needs an internet connection.

Q2:Can I share my test reports with others?
A2:Yes, you can share your reports on Facebook, Twitter, or in the ThinkDiag app’s community ThinkMoments.

Q3:What format are the reports saved or exported in?
A3:The reports can be exported as PDF so you can easily share or print it.

Q4:Does ThinkDiag need charging?
A4:ThinkDiag is powered directly by the vehicle’s OBD II port.

Q5:Can ThinkDiag be used on more than one car?
A5:Yes, it can be used with different vehicles as long as you download the corresponding diagnostic software.

Q6:Can my ThinkDiag device connect to multiple smartphones?
A6:Yes, simply use the same account to log into a new smartphone. You can restore the previously purchased software by downloading it on the new phone.

Q7:Do I need to pay extra to use ThinkDiag?
A7:Each ThinkDiag you purchase comes with free 1-year subscription for  manufacturer software(car model). You’ll pick one manufacturers from our store and enjoy a FREE first year subscription that costs $39.95 per manufacturer. You only need to pay after your subscription ends.

Q8:What is a Manufacturer Software subscription?
A8:Each manufacturer software subscription gives you access to ALL diagnostic functions, including read/clear codes, live data streaming, actuation tests, and ALL maintenance functions of the manufacturer you picked.


Launch Thinkdiag  Package Includes:1pc x Launch Thinkdiag OBD2 unit
1pc x User Manual


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