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THINKCAR THINKTOOL MAX 12V/24V Car Diagnostic Scanner OBD2 Tool

THINKTOOL MAX 12V/24V Car Diagnostic Scanner OBD2 Tool

ThinkTool Max with ADAS Calibration Automotive Diagnostic Tool Support Online Coding and Programming.

ThinkTool Max is top of a range diagnostic tool from ThinkCar, comes with the ADAS calibration function, 32 service functions, TPMS service and 8 extended modules functions. New Smartlink C VCI powers technicians a new diagnostic level without the limitation of diagnostic functions, tools and vehicle types.


Display Screen: 13.3 inch TFT(IPS)
Operating System Android 9.0
ROM/RAM 256G / 8G
Camera 13.0MP rear
Battery 9300mAh / 7.6V
Connection Mode BT5.0 WiFi / WLAN802.11b/gin
Work Temperature 320F – 1220F
Storage Temperature -40F – 1400F

4,595.00 including 23% VAT Rate


Add-ons total:


THINKCAR THINKTOOL MAX 12V/24V Car Diagnostic Scanner OBD2 Tool


  • Online programming
  • Stronger than ever
THINKTOOL MAX, the most powerful modular car diagnostics (TESTER), introduces the intelligent programming function available for Audi, BMW, LAND ROVER, Mazda, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, Porsche, Seat, SGM, Skoda, Subaru, VW and many more.

Exceptional coverage

Car Diagnostics (TESTER) THINKTOOL MAX supports 220 car brands worldwide, both 12V and 24V, commercial vehicles, hybrids, heavy trucks and more


It is equipped with a standard 16-pin diagnostic box together with an OBDI connector

Advanced diagnostic function

Providing OE THINKTOOL MAX level diagnostics supports full vehicle diagnostics, reading and deleting fault codes, live data flow, drive test, special functions, 28 different maintenance reset functions and more.

35 different maintenance reset functions


Service Functions:

Service Lamp Reset
Electronic Throttle
Brake Reset
Immobilizer Reset
Battery Reset
Injector Coding
SAS Reset
TPMS Reset
ABS Bleeding
Gear Learning
DPF Regeneration
Gearbox Reset
Headlamp Reset
Sunroof Initialization
SUS Reset
EGR Adaption
A/F Reset
AdBlue Reset
Nox Sensor Reset
Stop/Start settings
Transport Mode
Coolant Bleed
Windows Calibrations
Seat Calibrations
Tyre Reset
Language Change.

1 Year Warranty, 2 Year Free Online Updates.

Dual-range Wi-Fi connection

Faster than ever, the THINKTOOL MAX TESTER supports dual-range Wi-Fi. The diagnosis communicates with the diagnostic interface via Wi-Fi, allowing technicians to quickly operate the diagnosis, checking the error code and other functions.

More efficient than ever!

THINKTOOL MAX car diagnosis uses the scanning system based on the canvas topology system

Intelligent topological mapping of the canvas tree with the status of colour-coded scanned modules for faster results.


THINKTOOL MAX is a car diagnostics equipped with four intelligent diagnostic modules, ThinkEasy Bluetooth Battery Tester, Video Scope, ThinkTpms G1 Oscilloscope. All modules connect to the tablet via Wi-Fi or USB cable, making diagnosis easier and faster.


8 GB RAM, 256 GB storage, 9300mAh rechargeable battery, IP65.

With a 13-megapixel rear camcorder, 13.3-INCH LED touchscreen, brightness up to 800 rivets, the THINKTOOL MAX is a top car diagnosis that captures every detail, bigger than any other scanning tablet on the market.


THINKTOOL MAX Car Diagnostics provides ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) calibration by providing diagnostics and OE level calibrations with extensive vehicle coverage to millimetre accuracy.


THINKTOOL MAX car diagnostics offers direct technical support to remotely access any Max instrument in the field, making it easy and simple to remotely diagnose vehicles! Helping technicians fix problems quickly and accurately for better customer support.

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