TOPDON 4Channel Artiscope Automotive Osciloscope

TOPDON 4Channel Artiscope Automotive Osciloscope

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TOPDON 4Channel Artiscope Automotive Osciloscope

The Topdon diagnostic ArtiScope4000 Automotive Oscilloscope

ArtiScope is a powerful USB oscilloscope that can be installed on a Windows® PC with at least 2 free USB ports. The “PC-Based” configuration makes it possible to exploit the PC memory both for “run-time” operation and in “datalogger” mode which allows the measurement data to be stored and processed.

ArtiScope4000 has four independent channels with a bandwidth of 70Mhz to capture even sporadic impulsive events. The Auto-Set function allows you to adjust settings based on the measurement signal automatically, and the extensive trigger capabilities make the oscilloscope very easy to use. The FFT analysis function makes using it as a spectrum analyzer possible. A large database of reference signals (expandable with waveforms memorized by the user) helps the mechanic to evaluate the measured signal’s correctness. All stored analyses can be easily printed or saved in PDF format.



1 70 MHz 4-channel USB oscilloscope

1 installation CD

1 power cord and dual USB connection

3 Cables with BNC plug and crocodile clip

1 self-test probe

1 capacitive probe for ignition test

1 probe with a multimeter connection

1 set of needles for direct measurements on harnesses


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