AUTEL MaxiSys MS906S Wireless Car Diagnostic Scanner ECU Coding OBD2 Scanner Automotive Diagnose Bi-Directional Control

AUTEL MaxiSys MS906S Wireless Car Diagnostic

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AUTEL MaxiSys MS906S Wireless Car Diagnostic Scanner ECU Coding OBD2 Scanner Automotive Diagnose Bi-Directional Control

Autel Scanner MaxiSys MS906S -Upgraded MS906


This future-driven MaxiSys MS906S is the realization of Autel’s desire in 2022 to merge advanced hardware and powerful diagnostics into an 8” android tablet: fully upgraded from Autel MS906/MS906BT/MK906BT, top scan tool with ECU coding, bi-directional control, 31+ special functions, OE complete systems diagnostics, wireless Bluetooth VCI Mini, 10,000mAh battery, covering 99% makes till 2022—multilingual menu; No IP restrictions.

31+ Service, 99% Coverage】Autel scanner MS906S tackles a long list of 31+ service procedures, including Oil, SAS, EPB, TPMS Reset, Injector Coding, SAS, Bleeding, DPF, Battery, Throttle & Anti-theft Matching (ONLY for cars with low-grade IMMO) plus many more to get you well-prepared for in-depth maintenance work. 99% Coverage can meet the need of a large repair shop.

【Local-Smith Level ECU Coding】2022 Autel programming tool MS906S brings more advanced ECU Coding settings: 1) active more individual modifications to improve performance; 2) deactivate more unneeded functions for the enhanced driving experience; 3) reprogram adaptive data to restore component’s functional status after repair. From manufacturer-specific settings to full diagnostic capability, MS906S will bring you more productive work.

【All System Diagnostics + Active Test】 Cost less, yet enjoy almost the same features as MS908/MK908: 1) exceptional OE-Level system coverage for all electronic systems; complete capabilities for codes, live data, ECU information, AutoScan and AutoVIN etc.

【2022 Newly-added Functions】 Based on Autel MS906/MS906BT, OBD1 & OBD2 scanner MS906S 2022 New Version enjoys 1) Component Matching; 2) Online Account Login Service; 3) VAG Guided Functions;4) 3.5th Gen. VAG Anti-theft IMMO Services; 5) Power Balance; 6) Flash Hidden Functions with more options; 7) can combine with optional accessories like Endoscope MV105, MV108 and more.


• 8-inch Wireless Touchscreen Diagnostics Tablet
• Compatible with U.S., Asian and European Vehicles, 1996 and newer
• Advanced Diagnostics, Bi-Directional Control and Active Tests
• Bluetooth VCI Mini with extension for easier OBDII port connection
• Android 4.4, Hexa-core Processor, 64 GB Memory
• Expansive Service Function Menu
• FCA Secure Gateway Access with AutoAuth subscription
• Pre/Post Scan Reports
• One-year free software updates with a one-year limited warranty

1. Complete Diagnostic – Autel Maxisys MS906S performs advanced vehicle diagnostics and analysis, such as live data view, actuation tests (bi-directional control), adaptations and more dedicated services functions like key fob programming, program modules, ECU coding, Injector coding etc.

2. Smart Scanner – The diagnostic scanner featuring the latest AutoVIN technology to identify vehicles in one touch to scan ECUs, acquire vehicle info and run diagnostics on selected systems. It supports the entire system and special functions like ABS, SRS, EPB, SAS, DPF, TPMS, and OIL Reset….

3. Extensive OE-Level Converge – This automotive scan tool diagnoses a broad range of automotive-related problems for over 80 car manufacturers such as Chevrolet, Ford, GM, Audi, Benz, BMW, and Dodge and with Autel Full Connect Kit.

4. Enjoyable Experience – Autel scanner MS906S with the same operating system, processor, memory, and screen size as MS906BT.

5. Online Update – Automatic system and software updates with real-time push message notifications via the internet; 1 year for the quality problems and 1-year free update(the updates are optional, if you do not want to update, the device could be used normally)


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